Let’s Do Lunch!

With the Thanksgiving holiday now behind us, lets talk more about food! At this point in the holiday cycle, I am sure we are all done with anything even remotely having to do with leftovers so lets talk about my top places to eat out for lunch in Avalon.


The Sand Trap

Probably the most casual of the places on my list. I am slightly obsessed with this restaurant because it has a bit of everything. Further off the beaten path then the rest, the Sand Trap is a prime location for people watching during lunch. Located directly across the street from the Catalina Island Golf Course with a large patio and happy hour from 2pm to 7pm. Best part of all of it is you can get two tacos and a margarita for $10 during this incredible happy hour. There are lots of other great options for lunch while you are enjoying the patio.


Descanso Beach Club

With tables on the beach and umbrellas to keep the sun from burning too badly, Descanso Beach Club is a great choice for an extended lunch. They have plates to share which are amazing, however I do have to recommend the Pokè bowl if you are a bit hungrier. Descanso is on the pricier side of things but it is all about the experience and this place does not disappoint on that front. If you are looking to kill several hours enjoying some snacks, a view, and a few dips in the ocean I would highly recommend stopping by the Descanso Beach Club for lunch.


Luau Larry’s

Right on the waterfront, Luau Larry’s is notorious for their amazing hats. Coming along with their signature drink, the Wikki Wacker, it has a fun environment that just gets to be more fun as the afternoon rolls along. It came as a shock to me, but the pizza at Luau Larry’s is some of the best on the island. They have tables out on the sand as well as a full indoor restaurant depending on the amount of sun you are looking for. Luau Larry’s is a great spot to visit even if you don’t enjoy some lunch because it is an icon on the island, operating for going on 30 years.


Lobster Trap

One of the most beloved locals spots on the island, the Lobster Trap has some of the best décor around. With a full size boat inside, the dinning room of is quaint and comfy. This local does not have any outside seating so it is a great spot when you need to get out of the sun or if the weather is a bit cooler than anticipated. With local catches of the day this is one of the best spots for seafood on the island. Diffidently one of my favorite chowders for sure. The staff here are absolutely wonderful so if you have any questions about what to do or where else to go they are great to ask.


Buffalo Nickel

On the far side of the island, the Buffalo Nickel is located by the helicopter pad. This fact is something to think about when making a visit as it is really fun to watch them land but it is a bit loud. The biggest note that I will emphasize is that the serving sizes are absolutely huge. Definitely a great place to share a few different plates. I am always surprised when I try something new here. They have the best ribs that I have ever had and if it is a good day for ceviche I highly recommend giving it a try, even add the octopus! Everything I have tried at the Buffalo Nickel is great even if it does take some time to get to.


Lunch is the best meal. It can be casual, formal, business related, or just a snack. These are the places that I have found to be the most versatile, filling, and delicious. There is something so wonderfully enhancing about being able to sit in the sun with your toes in the sand while you enjoy something to eat. If you have time to visit all five of these locations let me know what your favorite was and why!