Top 5 Breakfast Stops on Catalina Island

Breakfast, the first meal of the day. Sometimes it is an early, quick bite before a hike around the island, other times it is pushing itself into brunch and needs a stiff drink to cure the hangover from the night before. On Catalina Island it is always a good idea to have a plan for food. What follows is a list of personal favorite breakfast restaurants with some suggestions to enjoy while there.

Toyon Grill – Breakfast with a view!

Toyon Grill & Event Center is located at 708 Crescent Ave, and is on the second story of the Catalina Island Conservancy building and their shop The Trailhead. They offer a smaller menu which is great for easy decision making. The food is always fresh and on the healthier side of things. The real show stopper for this breakfast spot is the view. The restaurant boasts two patios both with striking views of Avalon harbor. The level where you order has a few tables inside with windows that open up to a full patio and more tables and chairs there. If you go up a second set of stairs, there is a “hidden” rooftop patio for diners as well. This is my favorite spot to look out and enjoy the quiet of the harbor in the early morning hours. Toyon Grill opens at 8 am and serves breakfast until 11 am.

Pancake Cottage – Bacon IN the waffle!

The Pancake Cottage is a fairly new addition to the Avalon food scene. Located at 615 Crescent Ave, it is a major stop for those getting off the morning ferry. This is definitely something to plan around as they do get very busy when the morning ferry lets off. However, if you can get a spot before or after the rush it is worth it. My personal favorite item on the menu is their bacon waffle. As a big fan of the sweet and savory combination this gives me some bacon, waffle and syrup in every bite. They have a great amount of other carb filled foods as the name suggests but also feature other breakfast staples such as eggs benedict, corned beef hash, and huevos rancheros. The menu has a bit of everything but as far as I have tried its all delicious. Open from 7 am to 2 pm this is a great stop for the early birds as well as those of us who enjoy sleeping in.

The Sandtrap – Something for everyone!

As far as I know, this is the local spot. The Sandtrap is located on Avalon Canyon Road just across from the Catalina Island Golf Course. Open at 8 am every day it is a little further off the main road, but worth the trek. A classic Mexican restaurant they have some of the best breakfast burritos in town and the chilaquiles are some of my favorite. There are options for everyone and plates ranging in size. For those on the go, the hole-in-one is a must. Serving breakfast until noon and featuring a full bar that is open all day, The Sandtrap is a great late breakfast option. They have ample outdoor seating on a Spanish themed patio and a view of the first and ninth holes of the Catalina Island Golf Course. No need to worry about errant golf shots though, all patrons are protected by a large net. The staff have always been friendly and welcoming.

Catalina Island Brew House – Quick, delicious, and great for on the go!

Catalina Island Brew House is the only brewery on the island, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out for breakfast. Located right on the main drag, this brewery makes some of the best coffee in town. More of a coffee shop setting then a sit down eatery, they do offer some outdoor seating. They have a good selection of coffee drinks and baked goods that will quickly fill you up and put a smile on your face. With banana bread that is worth searching for and some of the best meat and cheese croissants around Catalina Island Brew House has a nice snack for anyone at any time of day. The real treat though, is to get some coffee, or hot chocolate also very good, and a snack and walking along the waterfront.

The Cove Bar and Grill – Hidden Gem!

The Cove Bar and Grill is located inside the Holiday Inn on Catalina Island. Open at 8 am, they have great outdoor patio and indoor seating options. With a smaller menu that covers all the bases, The Cove keeps eating breakfast enjoyable. They have both healthy and hearty options with some of the best potatoes on the island. As the name suggests, The Cove does offer a full bar and, even more exciting, they deliver. While it is off the beaten path and further from the main hubbub of Avalon, the hotel restaurant offers a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, great for those of us who enjoy waking up slowly.


As always, have fun, be safe, and enjoy your stay!